Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring is here, time to garden.

One of my favorite things used to be spending time working in the yard., this was when i actually had time to spend doing anything except change diapers and clean up baby toys. Now since we have moved into a new home i have a nice little plot of land in the back with just enough space (and sunlight) to do a comfortable size garden.

Apparently the house sat for at least one and a half years before we moved in and the previous owners put very little time and effort into taking care of it so its been quite a chore getting it ready for fruits and veggies.

This weekend consisted of digging up every little rock in the garden (and there were more than quite a few LARGE ones as well), tilling it, putting down compost, then fresh topsoil. After that was done in went the plants!

We've got strawberries, and every variety of heirloom tomato you could want. Next came building an outdoor compost bin. It went surprisingly well considering i had no idea what i was doing. I just saved a palette from a previous delivery and then stopped by home depot to snag one of their. A few hours of banging later plus i built a nice little frame. All thats needed is a some strong chicken wire then its all done.

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