Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Diaper Dekor Plus Pail

If youve seen my reviews before, you know im scathingly honest about whether or not something works. Usually there is good and there is bad, in the case of the Diaper Dekor Plus Pail its a case of a true 50/50.

Lets begin with the good:

It looks nice, well, as nice as a diaper garbage pail could possibly look without spending a ton of money. It also holds in the smell until it begins to get full to capacity, or unless the little one has particularly pungent presents for me. Its relatively stable and can be locked so the baby doesn't get tempted to try to climb inside and do some digging, however its not perfect which brings me to the less than stellar elements of the item....

Now for the not so good:

Its difficult to get into, i could overlook this when i have a nice big wet diaper and i dont mind futzing around with it (oh yes, i went full Yiddish on you there), but when its something more, erm....substantial its impossible to do without first unlocking the entire top and propping it open in order to get the diaper in. You see that little squarish opening? Thats what the diaper has to fit into and its a trap door with a spring on even if you push it open with one hand you still cant get the diaper in without getting poo on the sides.

So typically our changed go:

1) Sniff
2) If dirty prop pail open and get everything ready
3) Give baby something to play with so she keeps her hands out of the soiled spots
4) Remove/wipe/set aside
5) new diaper/powder/yada, yada, yada (ok that ones not Yiddish but, close enough)
6) Then the process of dealing with the pail....Pull the entire top off (which makes the built up smell come wafting out.WHOOOO!)
7) Insert diaper very carefully and replace lid
8) Wash diaper/liner if necessary (we use cloth diapers with disposable inserts)

If its just a wet diaper usually the wipes just end up propped between the lid and the trap door until i get the chance to insert them fully. The trap door is REALLY that small.

And my least favorite, however not a deal breaker if i had to repurchase, it uses proprietary bags. Which means you cant go to the corner store and buy some trash bags when it runs have to buy THEIR brand. They do last a long time though and they arent ridiculously expensive, just be sure to read the instructions as its slightly complicated the first time around.

In short it works, but its a pain to use and if you have Man Hands (Seinfeld reference #2) like myself the trapdoor is null and void.

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