Monday, May 6, 2013

The day time conundrum

Ever since the day we brought her home one of the biggest things we have had to think about was what we would do with her during the day. Pre-child it seemed like such an easy question to answer, take care of her during the day at home until kindergarten of course! I mean, why pay a stranger to do something i can do for free? Not to mention i can raise her the way we want to and i can also oversee her nutrition and have no fears for how well she is being treated in whatever day care i decided to try.

Then the first tantrum happened. Well i shouldn't say first tantrum as it wasnt a tantrum, it was more of a meltdown because i had dared leave her alone and go to the other room without her. Eventually i found out that daycare is not only a necessity for parents who work, but for children to experience the world as it is away from their parents.

Until we do get her into daycare i do everything i can to ensure she gets time with other kids, Gymboree, the play center at the mall, the park, but aside from leaving her with her daddy (im Papa) she still doesnt get time away from me.

Next step: Dropping her off for some time with our new babysitter! Lets hope this is a success.

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