Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuna with a French twist

We had just finished a walk through downtown Key West in the blistering and unforgiving heat of a late August day when we happened upon a little food stall with a french transplant who made the most delightful sandwiches.  What follows is my adaptation of her recipe as I felt there was no way I would be able to survive without ever tasting the best tuba recipe I had ever tried.

Unfortunately (for the reader) i'm generally not one for measuring so the entire recipe is 'to taste'. Im a seafood junkie and id even go so far to as to call myself a tuna snob....if its not well made i just wont be able to eat it, so i promise you this recipe is well worth your time. 

Begin with canned white albacore tuna, I prefer the type in water as the other additives will have a bit of oil and you don't want oil overload.

Separate the chunks so they're manageable, then chop up some marinated artichokes and add them in. 

Next chop up some capers unless theyre too small, keep in mind the salt content as you add them. If you like it saltier add more and you can even add a bit of the juice. Or if you're a caper addict like me, you can just dump the entire thing in, i'm joking of course....

Or am i? 

Next add some black olives, canned is fine, slice them up if they aren't pre-sliced. I tend to go light on the olives as they can be overpowering. 


PARMESAN!! Add oodles of it, don't skimp as it really warms up the flavor.And if that wasn't enough lastly add some Mayo and even though it is to taste I would still suggest doing it sparingly. Sometimes i even add it as im putting it on the bread so that i dont have to add it to the mix...it will store better and longer that way.

Finish it off with a sprinkling of fresh lemon juice, freshly cracked pepper, and some Parmesan chips (if you so choose) Serve on toasted sourdough. 

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