Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby has a cold....CHICKEN SOUP TIME

This winter has been rough, it seems like every week one of the three of us has a cold or flu. Now the baby AND I have a cold which means lots of runny noses, lots of sneezing, and plenty of tears. The baby cries a bit too...

Looks like a case for my Cure-All Chicken Soup:

I don't do anything particularly special for my variety, the main difference between mine and other peoples is i start by frying the chicken at a medium-high temp  in a pan with a good hefty sprinkling of Adobo seasoning....dont be stingy with it, REALLY load it up as most of the flavor comes from the little flavor bombs aka chicken pieces.

While its cooking i start simmering 2 or 3 cups of chicken broth, to this i add diced carrots, diced celery, 1 large diced onion, 2 bay leaves, oregano, sage, pepper, garlic, and a dash (or more) of powdered chicken bouillon.

Once the chicken is cooked almost all the way and browned on one or both sides i take it out, dice it or shred it by hand then add it to my already stewing pot. Let it stew for a good 30 minutes and if add your noodles, let it stew 7-8 more minutes and your done. Just be sure to toss the bay leaves out, theyre arent fun to discover accidentally when youre in the middle of drinking a nice helping of warm broth.

Oh, and be sure to use your oldest most treasured bowl/utensils for eating, 50% of the part of the cure in this recipe comes from love and care that's put into the process so presentation is EVERYTHING.

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