Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making your own baby food

Did you know baby food from the grocery store contains acid? Acid which is intended to preserve it for a long shelf life, but acid nonetheless and it can cause acid reflux in babies. Not to mention the BPA added to plastics on the lids and baby food recalls that seemingly happen at least once per year. For the first 9 months  i chose to cook my little ones food from scratch, it may sound daunting especially considering time constraints but its considerably easier than it sounds. Add in the money you save and its a no brainer.

You will need freezing trays, i chose Green sprouts variety as they were inexpensive and held a lot of 2oz cubes. I also got a Cuisinart  processor which was also inexpensive and it really works well in my daily cooking when i need to make a coulis or any other puree. The book is completely optional, it has a lot of good recipes but in hindsight most of it is common sense.

The easiest, cheapest, and most loved item i made for baby was pureed sweet potatoes. All you need to do is skin them with a peeler, cut into chunks, then boil until softened. Puree with a little water then fill your trays to the top, cover with plastic wrap, then freeze. Once its frozen pop them out into a Ziploc bag and label them with the name and date.

Most foods hold for about a month so if you do one day of cooking every other week you can always have a freezer stocked with a good variety of healthy homemade food.

Theres a whole list of what holds well in the freezer, most fruit + vegetables hold well, chicken is good also.

Give it a try, youll be so happy you did.

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