Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Laundry? ain't nobody got time for that!

How to do laundry when parenting a mobile infant 

1) wash + dry while trying to entertain, feed, and generally keep the baby in one piece. Typically it goes over without a problem, except that one time.....of which i swore never to speak again. 

2) Place dry laundry in basket, and try to fold while my helper attempts to lend a hand. By lend a hand i mean rip everything out of the basket as soon as possible and then climb in thereby making it her private lounge area. 

3) Distract child with a sippy cup or non-spill snack cup. Then furiously fold everything and pile it in the basket, do this quickly before she notices whats going on then rushes back to undo everything you've just done.

That blur in the upper left corner? thats a baby....yes they're THAT fast, so beware.

4) Relax for 5 minutes and try to catch up on what's happening on todays episode of Days of Our Lives.

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