Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cheaper the second time around.

I've recently discovered the beauty of 2nd hand clothes...initially i was petrified of giving my child anything not shiny new and pre-dipped in bleach never touched by any other human being on earth. OK, maybe im exaggerating, but only a little.

Anyways baby clothes are not cheap and when you factor in how quickly they grow out of them it makes no sense to go on $2000 Dolce & Gabbana shopping sprees with her considering it will only fit for about a month. That's where second hand clothing comes into play, i've found some nice name brand clothing for dirt cheap on places like eBay and considering its children's clothing its usually barely worn. I got the below Hilfiger dress for a measly 10 dollars and it looks even better in person.

Now if i can only find a matching pair of Mary Janes and a decent handbag we will be in business! 


  1. we get stuff on craigslist! babygap and tommy hilfiger $2, and most other basics for $1. i end up with a total wardrobe for one size costing about $40. and right now he's between 6m and 12m sizes because he's long and slender. we have up to 5t sizes in storage, and don't really need to purchase much til he's past a 24m size!


    1. If only i had known this from day 1, we would've saved so much money in the long run.

      Well, its good knowledge to have if we decide to have a second! :)