Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tree hugging non-hippy

Ever since i was a youngin ive been concerned with my carbon footprint, i would venture to say well before the term carbon footprint was even coined (how hipster of me, no?)....I was so concerned with my carbon footprint that i always thought i will probably never be a father because babies use up so many resources and the diapers aren't biodegradable.

Fast forward 20 years, and one child, and my view has changed on the subject have been definitely been refined. Raising a baby can definitely be done without tossing out a metric ton of plastic diapers per week it just takes a bit of effort and spending a few extra dollars.

WHEW! what an intro just to say: im buying a second hand ride-on today!!! I always try to buy her larger plastic toys second hand because

A) they're completely reusable and it makes no sense to buy + throw out something that is so easily recyclable

B) its cheaper that way, so the extra dollars i spend on purchasing her G-Diapers i save on buying some of her toys.

without any further ado, the Step 2 whisper ride buggy

Yes, it is blue. Yes, i have a daughter. Take THAT gender stereotypes....HA!

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