Thursday, March 14, 2013

Compost in the kitchen

Im an earth nut AND a gardening nut which means anything that combines recycling and beefing up my plants is an automatic no brainer. Since we are in a new home and my outdoor compost heap hasn't been built yet i wanted a way to start my heap indoors that didnt stink up the joint.

Then, she stepped into my life.....

The Norpro kitchen compost crock is an odorless way to save all your kitchen scraps and turn them into compost and it doesn't look too shabby to boot.  I cook most if not all of my food from scratch, I mean, I even feel guilty for using pre-made pie crusts.....THE SHAME! So this usually means lots of rinds and berries and stems and shavings with nowhere to go except the trash. This solved that problem, it eats a good amount of trash without using red wigglers (i dont think there would be enough oxygen for worms to survive in there) and once its done you can go straight to your garden or flower pots with the brown gold known as compost. 

The black thing on top is the air filter to keep all the methane smells at bay. 

I highly suggest this one for any gardeners or even if you just have house plants and want to keep them in best of health. 

For some info on HOW to compost, check out this link, or the book "Compost" by Ken Thompson its not particularly difficult but there are a few things to keep in mind: acidity, moisture level, temperature, worms if you choose to use them, nitrogen levels. It may sound confusing but its very easy after you do a wee bit of reading. 

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