Saturday, March 2, 2013

The bumbling father trope

Really needs to be put to rest. Yes there is a slew of ignoramus' parading as fathers (and mothers) but there are plenty of us who work very hard to ensure our little ones are well taken care of, and do so quite well.

Its good to see the topic getting more and more attention lately, in February the NY Times published an article covering the Dad 2.0 summit where blogging dads from around the nation meet to discuss the current state of things for dads in today's marketing world. A lot of major advertisers are finally catching on that we aren't the hapless dimwits we have been portrayed as over the past 3/4 of a century ever since televisions began broadcasting what a typical american family was like into our daily lives.

Kudos especially to Huggies for correcting themselves when the issue was brought to light and doing a complete 180 on the topic.

Sure we still have a long way to go before i'll be able to go shopping at a local grocery store and not have a line of women ask me "where is the mother??" and "there's no way YOU are taking care of that baby by yourself", but at least things appear to be swinging in the right direction. 

BRB....time to put that "One and done" title to the test. 

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